Windows Lights and Hatches

Bruce Roberts 370E Radius Chine

11th June 2018

I suppose I should start by saying that ‘SteelAway’ is not the name of our boat, that is yet to be decided, it is the name of our project and YouTube channel. So what incited us to embark on this crazy project? Read on for a good deal of the explanation!

Since the late 1980’s in Queensland Australia I had been on or around boats quite a bit, but had never actually owned a Yacht myself. During that time I watched in awe as over the years my unlcle built several boats in steel, I remember thinking “how hard can it be”?

Throughout his second boat build, a Joe Adams 42′ round bilge Motor Sailor, I was fortunate enough to be around the project most days and once finished was also lucky enough to live aboard the ‘Emma Louise’ for quite some time. We were situated most of the time at either the anchorage at Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island, or at Shorncliffe on the north side of Brisbane.

I absolutely fell in love with the lifestyle and knew this was how I wanted to live in the future. Unfortunately back then I had just left my entire life behind in the UK to migrate to Australia, so was a person of simple means with very little money. But after just a taste of the Yachty’s lifestyle I desperately wanted to get into a boat of my own! As you can imagine building a new life from the ground up took a lot of time and effort, so my dream of building/owning my own yacht remained just that for many years, but I knew that one day I would make it a reality.

In the early 90’s in Brisbane I met my partner-in-crime and future wife Cathy, we have been pretty much inseparable since. We have had some great adventures together living and working around Austalia and raising a family of three wonderful children. However the kids grow up and ours are now very independent young adults, all starting out on their own life journeys. So it was then we decided it was time to begin the greatest adventure of all, building and living aboard our own Yacht.

We are six years into our project with at least another two to go…. Hopefully our adventure will inspire and excite as many people as possible, so please do share in our continuing journey and follow us onto the high seas in the not too distant future!!!

Garry (Gaz) & Cathy Chapple

I am 58 this year and have spent much of my career in engineering or technology of one sort or another, firstly as an Aircraft Mechanic and over the past 20 years or so in Information Technology. In more recent years I moved into technology project management within the financial services sector.

Cathy is *# years young and is a caring giving soul who has a very successful career as a healthcare professional. Cathy currently works with the Northern Territory Health Service as a senior project manager. She is also a budding artist who loves to paint, draw and sketch and is lookign forward to capturing many of our future sailing adventures with her amazing gift.