SteelAway - Building a Dream

What a Milestone…. First coat of primer on after sandblasting!

SteelAway - Building a Dream

Sandblasted – Ready to prime, then onto installing the first set of windows.

SteelAway - Building a Dream

She does look ready for windows and hatches!

SteelAway - Building a Dream

Finally – All but the rear berth windows in. Looking awesome!

I think the Boat building and Yachting community at large are an awesome bunch of people, with a great sense of adventure and spirit. Below are links to a few of my favourite builders and Yachties in general.

SV Seeker

Doug has and is still is doing a great job on the build of SV Seeker. I am always amazed at the stuff he does and how he gets so many peopel involved, His build really is the true definition of “Community” Keep up the great work mate!

Rusty Junk

How about this for an amature project! There’s lots of people out there, for one reason or another, who might want to tell you “it can’t be done”. Well check our guy over at Rusty Junk, you just gotta love the spirit of these people!

Emerald Steel

What an amazing story this is. Suzie and Jules built Emeral Steel themselves over thirty years ago and have been living their incredible adventure ever since. It goes to show what anyone can do if they put their mind to it. Go check out Emeral Steel, it’s awesome.

Building Bruped

In their own words, this is an ongoing story of ingenuity, perseverance and hard work. Brupeg was recovered after sinking in a flood, a stripped out steel hull about to be cut up for recycling, but these guys resuced it giving Brupeg a whole new lease on life!